The August Seven Inn
1209 South Peninsula Drive
Daytona Beach, FL, USA
(386) 248-8420

16th Annual East Coast Paddle Board & SUP Surf Championship   July 13 2013

Main Street Pier, (located on the beach just
North of the Main Street entrance), Daytona Beach. Be a part of Daytona Beach
history! You can participate in paddle races, the SUP surf competition, a
swimming race or just enjoy the events and sites on the pier deck or beach.
Daytona is the origination of the East Coast paddle boarding as we know it
today. In the late 1920s, Tom Blake, a nationally renowned swimming champion,
first came up with a surfboard designed on an airplane wing's spar-construction
principles. The tradition continues with the resurgence of the sport through
paddle boarding here on the East Coast. And, the Old Daytona Beach Ocean
Festival is where you will find the winner of the Tom Blake award for this
year's race. (949) 332-9538